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Seeds to Sew International, Inc. is a non-profit organization with the mission of improving the lives of women and girls in disadvantaged communities through education and job skills training.   Our goal is for the women and girls in our program to use these job skills to make money and support themselves and their communities.  read more

Meet Teresa Nkesa Juma

Contact us if you would like to shop our inventory of Enkiteng Bags and Enkisoma Beads of Hope   or if you'd like to host an Enkiteng Party. (What in the world is an Enkiteng Party? Find out HERE.

Seeds to Sew Founder, Ellyn Ito and Volunteer, Nina Brenner do a "Train the Trainer" session with Teresa Juma and Ann Ntaiya in  Enoosaen, Kenya.  

For more pictures of our service trips, click here.

Our pilot product -- the Enkiteng Bag -- is a rectangular, fabric bag, with a matching ribbon attached, that is used as an alternative to paper wrapping.  WRAP YOUR GIFT IN SOMETHING DIFFERENT!  It is eco-friendly, user friendly, no tape or scissors required, and there is no waste -- the Enkiteng Bag is 100% reusable and re-giftable!  They are made by the women in our Enkiteng Program and all net proceeds from sale of the bags goe to the women who made them.  To find out more about the Enkiteng bags, click HERE 

Check out this video to see how they work:


Men, women and students are taking action for women and girls who do not have access to the basic freedoms that we enjoy in our lives.   Join the movement!   Half the world is untapped....here are just a few of our favorite examples of people and organizations who are making a difference:

Learn about it and become inspired....get involved!

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